Biotechnology is in a chain reaction of technological progression and rapid development that is leading to enormous new opportunities and solutions. Detraxi is developing proprietary biotech solutions that can create exponential growth whilst also solving major global challenges.

Ending The Global Blood Shortage

Can you imagine a world where an end to the global blood shortage prevents millions of avoidable deaths worldwide?

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Ending The Organ Donation Crisis 

Can you imagine a world where the average waiting time for an organ donation is reduced from many years to just weeks?

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We are also working on solutions
that will create a future where

Organs can be engineered and regenerated outside of the body to eliminate diseases.

Enhanced diagnostics means health disorders and diseases are more efficiently diagnosed.

Our mission is to save millions of lives by deploying our innovative biotechnology solution to a range of urgent global health challenges. With funding committed by philanthropist Tej Kohli to support the development of our proprietary technology, we are working to make our solution available to the world.

The Evolution Of Detraxi

  • 2001

    Predecessor to Detraxi is first founded

  • 2003

    Lifor product developed

  • 2004

    First organ study performed at UC Davis

  • 2005

    Living heart study performed

  • 2006

    Congressional earmark grant approved

  • 2007

    Performed organ study with United States Naval Group at Walter Reed Army Hospital

  • 2008

    Performed limb preservation study

  • 2009

    Improved the technology

  • 2014

    Comparison study completed

  • 2016

    First proof of principle study completed

  • 2018

    Technology improved again and new patent filed

  • 2019

    Completion of pre-clinical trials